Deja Vu | 64%

Here's another one...


Busy night, city streets, taxi pulled up
Jumped in back, yelled it out, "Make it fast, pal!"
Overhead, building glass, like blades of grass
Finger press, number lights, then elevates

Sudden jolt, it was stuck, emergency stop
Ceiling lights, flickered twice, then went pitch black
Made a fuss, finally sat, felt like days passed
Crazy thought, if it's a dream, I'll just open my eyes

First thing I saw was a vent on the ceiling
I'll sit up. Wait, I can't. What? I'm strapped down?
Everything painted white, the windows, barred
Cute RN just sneaked in and set me free

Here's the plan: through the vent. Up! Quick!" I went.
Labyrinth, building's brains, can't navigate
My worst fears, from behind, bellowed laughter
Echoes dark, getting close, the devil himself?

Like a mouse, frenzied race, every turn seems
To be leading me closer to the ver-
Y gates of hell, that just when I fell out
On the street, garbage smells, darks and silent

From nowhere, freaked me out, someone grabbed my hand
Was it the savior nurse, all part of her plan?
It was. She led us through the back alleys.
When suddenly we spilled out on a crowded street

Noise was loud, like a shout, cars and people
Then she turned, eyes on fire, aimed right at me
"Corner of Jones and Green. I'll meet you on the roof.
Half an hour's all we have. Don't be late this time."

Fingers went in her mouth, whistle came out
Cabby screeched to a halt, she almost pushed me in
Slammed the door, walked away, what could I say?
Deja vu from my mouth, "Make it fast, pal!"


Placeholder synth violins, meaning the notation is finalized, but I've yet to track Candace doing it for realz. Guitars, bass, and drums are pretty much there, piano and vocals need some work. Will possibly add some harmony and percussion.


In the dream in Refractions, he makes it to the roof, but she never shows up, then there's some mysterious explosion, but in this song he's stuck in a loop where he hasn't yet made it to the roof. Perhaps he's prevented by the Refractions dream explosion, which could be why the elevator got stuck in Deja Vu.