Refractions | 53%

I'm toying with the idea of releasing stream-only versions of new songs as they progress from conception to finished recordings, assigning a percentage of completeness to each iteration, roughly comprised of 40% writing, 30% instrumentation, 20% mixing, and 10% mastering, thus documenting the ascension of songs to higher and higher states of worthiness, soon to escape their mortal shells, finally attaining the elysian bliss of purchasability.

In other words, wanna hear a song I'm working on?


Lots of changes to this song. New lyrics, title, guitars, bass, vocals, some of which need a little more time in the oven. Piano, violins, percussion coming soon.


Deep in this forest
Feels like I've turned every leaf
But I cannot find her
I’m starting to think I might be lost too

Did I just hear a whisper
Say, "When the moon gets full
Follow the iridescent creek",
Or susurrations of wind and leaves?

Like a scary chorus of trees,
They're singing...

No! I can see it!
The water is sparkling
Like a prism, refractions dancing through the trees
And I'm sure she's waiting where it leads

So I followed for hours
I keep seeing shadows just ahead
Again I sprint up to find nothing, and I’m far beyond weary
Can’t help but collapse by the stream

Its song is soon singing me to sleep
And this is what it sounds like...

A dream: I’m looking down on a city
From the top of a building
Right where she said we'd meet,
But for hours I've been waiting
Then something flashed on the horizon
And a massive blast knocked me off my feet

And I awake a little freaked out and so thirsty
So I reach down for a drink
To my puzzlement and now great dismay
All I feel is a handful

A handful of damp dirt and dry leaves
Now I see her soaked, cold body
Right where the creek should be
Shook her, but she
Wasn’t moving
I pull her close to me, and then I scream
And then I scream
Don't leave me!


This song is very closely tied to at least two other songs on Toy World (Deja Vu and Curtains Divide). The dream in the bridge links to Deja Vu and the ending links to Curtains Divide.