Snow Angel (Acoustic)

This is a stripped down version of one of the songs I'm currently in the process of recording. My good friend Matt Williams of Clubhill Media produced this video with the goal of capturing a song in a very raw/natural/real form. There are, thus, no edits to the performance, which was recorded in a single take. Matt did some really cool mic'ing for this too, which kind of blew my mind a little, called mid-side technique, involving two ribbon mics (one figure 8 and one hypercardioid).

Here are the lyrics:

Snow Angel

I'm atop a snowy peak
Beneath tow'ring white evergreens
There's a little town below
Tiny houses in a row

Chopped wood burns and windows beam
Yellow light onto the street
The wind is chill, the sky is clear
I feel so at peace up here

I fall back 'thout a sound
Make a snow angel on the ground
Her white wings open wide
Fear and excitement well inside
As we fly out into space
Familiar planets stuck in place
My eyes play tricks on me
At multiples of c

I made a snow angel

Suddenly we're far away
Far beyond the Milky Way
Stars fly by like snow falling
From a black sky silently

The universe, once so immense
Confused in past and future tense
I never thought it was so small
Or even half this wonderful
Now we're coming to the end
I can't explain what's happening
It's like walking through a wall
Everything's weightless but my soul

I made a snow angel

I woke up freezing cold
I could smell the chimney smoke
Jumped up fast, brushed off the snow
Frosted windows still aglow

© 2012 David Bayles. All rights reserved.